Katy Zero Tolerance
Promoting Parents' Rights
The 79th Texas State Legislature is about to be in session. It is imperative that each of you do your part in reforming the zero tolerance laws to protect our rights as parents when we do business with our school districts. Time is of the essence.

Several members are busy crafting legislation to protect us. These efforts have failed in recent sessions but they must not fail now. The time to act is now. The next legislative session is not until 2007. If we wait, thousands more kids and parents will have to suffer through the humiliation, the over enforcement, and the all too powerful school districts. Many of our members’ children’s academic careers have been ruined. Are you willing to wait? We hope not.
It's Time to Act!
What You Should Do:
Here is a list of action points we are asking all Texans to take, but especially those of us residing in KISD. Please contact your legislative representatives and demand action now before more children are harmed by these policies. Please remember, a simple email can only take a few minutes of your time but will carry a lot of power.

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