Katy Zero Tolerance
Promoting Parents' Rights
Katy Zero Tolerance means parents’ zero tolerance of ineffective leadership in KISD and other districts throughout Texas.

Our commitment is to secure rights for parents of students enrolled in public education who have been accused of disciplinary infractions. No system is perfect and in acknowledging this, we hope that the administration and Board of Trustees of KISD also recognize this.
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Our goals are to have immediate parental involvement of discipline cases and the establishment of a true appeals process that could ultimately go to the Board of Trustees for resolution. Additionally, we want the establishment of a civilian oversight committee to review ISD police actions and severe discipline cases to determine whether discipline policy is being implemented as per the Board of Trustees intent.

Any reforms to the current discipline policies that stop short of these areas of needed oversight do a disservice to the taxpayers, the parents, and our children of Texas.
KZT is no longer focused only on KISD. We urge parents from all over the state of Texas to join us in promoting parental rights to the State Legislature. Let’s stop the abuse of this system while continuing to protect our children and teachers from violence and drugs. It’s time to reintroduce a little used phrase into our public schools – Common Sense!
HB 603 is now law... Thank You Texas State Legislature

Katy Zero Tolerance, with the tremendous help of State Representative Rob Eissler who rewrote his original HB 603 to include State Senator Jon Lindsay’s senate bill. The new HB 603 passed unanimously in both houses and was signed into law by Governor Rick Perry.  Because of the unanimous vote, the bill became law instantly.

Senator Lindsay’s office worked extremely hard on this bill, as did Rep. Eissler’s and Representatives Glenn Hegar’s and Bill Callegari’s of Katy, Jerry Madden’s of Plano and Representative Dora Olivo’s of Missouri City.
Representative Olivo and her office, especially Cassius Johnson, did a remarkable job of helping us gain access to the House and fought behind the scenes to get our agenda recognized. Also, Lauren Donder of Sen. Linsay’s office helped us get the bill through the Senate.

A special thanks also goes to Senator Florence Shapiro, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, who stated at the beginning of the session that the session was dedicated to the children of Texas. By making disciplinary reform a priority, she set the tone that allowed us to make our case.
The former HB 603 should be called the Eddie Evans Law. It was his emotional testimony and his tireless work for the past three years that brought to light the injustices that were being committed by school districts throughout Texas.

The below is the best summary of the law available. It's not everything we asked for but it is a tremendous start. Public School Districts in Texas can no longer hide behind the law.

The law requires that a school district's student code of conduct specify whether consideration is given as a factor in a decision to: order suspension, removal to a disciplinary alternative education program, or expulsion.

Consideration would include:

The law also does not require a student code of conduct to specify a minimum term of a removal or an expulsion.

Katy Zero Tolerance is a Texas-wide group dedicated to reform of disciplinary codes within public education. We support the concept of the so called zero tolerance discipline policies however, because many kids are innocent or are not intending harm to fellow students and teachers, we believe that parental involvement in the disciplinary system is vital to promoting safety at schools. We also believe that a true appeals process is needed to protect children who are innocent or have received punishment that does not fit the crime. We pledge to work with teachers, administrators and school boards to ensure that schools remain safe while promoting life lessons and the negative consequences of wrong decisions.
We have removed the handcuffs from the districts, now it's time for them to remove them from our kids.
Ceremonial signing of HB 603 set for July 13, 2005

Read the signed copy of HB 603

Thank you for visiting Katy Zero Tolerance. KZT has been changed to Texas Zero Tolerance to reflect the nature of our membership and the statewide effort to reform Chapter 37 of the TEC during the 2007 Texas Legislative Session. KZT will remain live but there will no longer be updated. Please visit the new Texas Zero Tolerance site for updated information.

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